About Delta Eta Chapter

Delta Eta Chapter

On June 16, 1909, the High Council of Sigma Nu Fraternity, meeting at Richmond, Kentucky, granted its 77th charter to the Delta Eta Chapter at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The first class of consisted of eleven members and flourished under the values presented by the founders. The current chapter home was constructed in 1929 and has undergone multiple renovations to account for the expansion of the chapter. The style of the house reflects the grandeur of Sigma Nu Fraternity and was listed as a local historic structure by the Lincoln City Council in 2002. Delta Eta Chapter has a proud list of notable alumni including Wayne Munn, a World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion in 1925. In addition, Frank Solich a standout Nebraska fullback and more recently head football coach of Ohio University. As of 2013 Delta Eta Chapter has initiated 1976 brothers and anticipates surpassing 2000 in the coming years.


Delta Eta Chapter House